One last straw

So i do full heartly beleive that there comes a point in everypersons life where the must decieded somebody the love or use to love is not good for the betterment of themselves this is what i have done. I search deep down in my heart to try and find some sort of love from the women i use to call mother, yet im left empty handed all i can find is a deep darkening hate. I truly loath every aspect of her exstiance. What im about to say i want every Amom on the face of this planet to read, send this to all the Amom Christian Warriors you know and have them read this. JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK IN YOUR HEAD YOU RAISED US THERE FOR YOU ARE MORE INTILTED TO OUR LOVE WELL YOUR NOT! I can understand having the same love for both mothers given the right circumstance, but im sorry to say blood is more bonding then a peace of papper with an autograph on it. SO get it out of your fuckin heads that since you did this child and this familly a huge favor you deserve more love then the person(s) who gave this child life! They gave us life, they are our blood, By natures law WE ARE MOTHER FUCKIN FAMILLY! All you Amoms will never change that ever. Attack me, attack my mother but know deep down that are hearts are filled with Joy and love and there is nothing, let me say that again, there is NOTHING anyone of you fuckin people can do to change that. Here on out Terri is dead to me, i want the last 20 some years of my life to fade into a dim picture in the back of my brain wile i make room from the next 20 years of my life, wich promises to be exciting lol.