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So tonight is going to be one of those nights. Im sitting here reviewing last couple days happenings and here is what i gotta say. IF YOU THINK BY DELETING WHAT WE SAY THAT WE WILL SHUT UP AND JUST BE HAPPY WE WERENT ABORTED YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!! Delete what we say, ignore us, write us off as insignificant people because we were adopted go for it. When im in heaven flipping you off in hell i hope you think about some of the things you did in the name of the Lord. You know what FUCK YOU i wont be silent anymore, i will irratate you, i will harrass you untill you understand the message. WE ARE DONE TAKING YOUR SHIT, WE ARE DONE WATCHING YOU SELL CHILDREN ONLINE! It makes me sick to think there are people out there who see that are right and Godlike, and to those pepole i pray to God your reading this now. YOUR FUCKING UP, children are not merchandise!!!! THEY ARE LIVING BREATHING like you and me you simple bitch. Your days of brushing us off because we were adopted is over. I welcome any of you to come here and post your thoughts with out fear of being deleted, regardless wat side your on. i spent 21 years of my life doing nothing but shuting up well no more, NO FUCKING MORE. Step to me please id love to share my thoughts with you. The time of taking your lies and your shit is at a close end, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED ANYMORE!!!.


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